Value Investing Tutorial and Resources

Welcome to Value Investing Philippines tutorial. This page is about you learning how to invest as a value investor. It is a collection of my articles and links to other websites and resources where you can increase your knowledge about investing.

Value Investing Basics

Intrinsic Value

Real Estate Investing

Investing Outside the Philippines


Recommended Websites and Resources

My favorite sources are books. But sometimes, its good to read and learn on blogs and online courses.

  • Investing Philippines (YouTube) – very easy to understand videos about investing.
  • How to Invest for Beginners – I’m all for learning by yourself. But sometimes, to save time, its wise to just pay someone who already organized and explained all the things you need to know about investing.
  • Investopedia – if you don’t know the terms and jargons used in investing, its wise to lookup investopedia for its definitions.
  • Forex Philippines – if you want to learn how to trade forex (foreign exchange currencies) this page is the first you should read. Created by one of the successful and mysterious forex traders in the Philippines. I don’t recommend trading but the part about psychology and risk management is a good framework to learn in investing.

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