This is not me. But its a funny picture.

The creator of this blog is from the Philippines, he is in on a journey to become a great value investor. He created this blog to write down his thoughts and trades so he can look back and review. To monitor his own progress and to meet like minded individuals.

He started investing in 2008 (then 24 years old) when he first read the book of Benjamin Graham “The Intelligent Investor”. He was trading messing around using technical analysis around that time, but have claimed that when he read Graham’s books its “like finding heaven”. 

More about how he got into investing.

The creator of this blog invests in different areas: stocks, PH and US, real estate, etc, wherever he can find value.

Investing Strategy

Using Fundamental Analysis and Value Investing, looking at a company’s financial statement, quantitative and qualitative aspect of a stock, looking at it like owning the underlying business. Buying great companies at fair prices. Being a contrarian (sometimes). I discussed it here: My Value Investing Strategy.


In order to assess performance, the author shall try to beat the Philippine Composite Index using value investing. There shall be a performance review at the end of the year. The goal is to beat the index for the long term, 5 – 10 years consecutive.


Feel free to use any information on this site, provided that we are in no way responsible if you make money or lose money with our analysis.