Learn to Believe in Yourself when The World Says You’re Wrong

I’m going to tell you the story of my life. There are only 3 times where the world told me I’m wrong. Friends, family, loved ones and people I don’t know or care about told me I was wrong. But I stayed and trusted my own decision and it made all the difference. And I’m going to tell you why you should do the same.

Let’s go back to the time where I was a child. I have always been a nerd. I like computers and computer games. I excel at school when its about computers and when people see that. They told me its enough. And I should focus more on other things like extra curricular activities or sports and enough about computers because I’m already good at it.

It was hard, my family enrolled me to sports and drama clubs so I could be a “well rounded” person. And I remember my Aunts saying enough learning about computers. But I didn’t told them they were wrong. What I did was to wake up 3AM in the morning to play computer games or to write code or to read books about computers. Later in life, this will prove to be a great decision.

Fast forward, college I took Computer Engineering as a degree. On 2nd year of college it has been hard. And my parents aren’t rich to continue sending me to college. Its either I stop studying or I start working to pay for my tuition. I have a friend (older friend) who is about to graduate and as he walk right pass me on a corridor I asked him where is he going? He told me he’s going to interview for a job. I asked, can I come? I needed the money. He told me “sure. But you might not get hired. Grads only.” Still, I went. It was web development studio. I applied for the job on the spot and they tested us with graphic design skills and programming skills.

Long story short, I got the job and my friend didn’t. This was the result of me continuing educating myself of the things I like (computers) who later proved to be beneficial. And which helped me got through college.

When I graduated, the company I worked at went bankrupt. I really don’t know what happened, but what I do know is that, I need another job. So I applied and got hired as again, a developer to a bigger company. This was the time I started reading about investing. The same enthusiasm that I had for computers when I was young was rekindled for investing.

“Why are you spending all this money for books?” was all I started hearing. I have worn out shoes and shirts. But each month I buy books with the leftover from my salary after my expenses. My co-workers told me I’m weird. I heard them say I’m antisocial. Because I don’t join parties and hang around.

2007 came and the great recession showed itself. I decided to quit my job and do investing at the worst possible time. And a lot of people, friends, family, coworkers are trying to stop me. “You’re dumb to quit your job.” “You’re going to ruin your career”. “Sayang ka.”

But I did it.

I invested all my money into the stock market in 2008. Just after quitting my job as a developer. While the whole world told me I’m wrong. I continued to trust myself where I need myself the most. It was hard because everyday I doubt myself. But it turned out ok.

So when people try to tell you you’re wrong. Just let them be. Opinions don’t actually change the other person’s point of view. And for people to understand your reasoning would mean, she should also experience the same things as you do or read the same information as you do. But even that, past experiences would then needed to be taken into account to arrive at a certain decision on things. And that’s a lot of process going on just to win an argument that will not be beneficial to you or to the other person. For example, physicist view the world in a completely different way from a person of religion. And those views even exposed to the same idea will have a different effect.

I used to be a person who wants every wrong thing righted. If an idea is wrong, I want to debate it to arrive at the right conclusion. But today, I find it tiring to debate. In investing, its actually helpful if other people learn the wrong things. Because that would mean less competition. But if you try to educate other people of what is right, and still they think you’re wrong. Its all much better. 🙂

It would be beneficial if you have friends who will take the time to prove that you are wrong with convincing argument. Those friends are a pleasure to have. But its such a rare occurence to have a smart friend on these parts and those that have no ego. But if you do find one, keep them and take care of them. And stay away from people or groups that don’t have the mental capacity to judge themselves objectively.

If you do find yourself disagreeing with people frequently, perhaps you are fit to become a value investor.

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