Portfolio Update – November 2018

Another month, another portfolio update. 🙂

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
SCCSemirara Mining29.509226.20-11.21%
CLICebu Landmasters4.85884.08-16.03%
MRPMelco Resorts7.12007.251.83%
FBSan Miguel Foods and

A surprise special dividend for next month from SCC. Happy christmas bonus for me!

MRP, waiting for the settlement of cash into my account from the tender offer.

CLI, I have been adding some more shares of it recently since the dip in price.

Year to Date Performance

My Portfolio+10.68%

*Performance of PH stocks. Still ahead of the PSEI. 🙂

Real Estate

Rental property bought at P250,000 with a cashflow of P2,000 / month.

Other stocks

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
FOXATwenty-First Century Fox4549.489.96%

The buying of US company FOXA is a way to buy into Walt Disney at a cheaper price. Because the FOXA shares would be exchanged for Walt Disney shares once the merger has been completed by year 2019. I have talked about the reasoning behind this move on this post: Investing Into DISNEY Thru FOX.

Looking into the Horizon

I have been looking at other investments recently. Forex trading seems to be interesting. Since inflation and interest rates are affecting our economy, I think, being aware of what is happening in our country with prove to be advantageous in predicting the exchange rate of Dollar to PHP. The problem with forex trading is that its unregulated. Meaning if people scammed you of your money, you have nowhere to go. That’s why I only go for recommended companies that other trustworthy people use. I saw this page from Forex Philippines. I think its worth taking a look.

Of course, for people asking me how and where to learn how to invest, I can only recommend How to Invest for Beginners dot com. Join the VIP, you won’t regret it.


  1. Cool update. Looking to meet fellow value investors. Coffee on me if you want to chat about investments 😀

    I also own FB btw — my biggest position.

  2. Hi, Sir. It’s me again, September. 🙂

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. How did you buy FOXA? Which broker?

    2. For MRP, I’m a bit confused. Did you say “yes” to the tender offer? If so, how? Are you going to sell it after the cash settlement?

    1. Hi September,

      1. How did I buy FOXA?
      A: I already made a post about how to buy US companies here:

      2. For MRP
      A: Tendering shares means you are selling the shares to the company who made the offer. That means, I’m selling the shares to the company (MRP’s biggest shareholder). But after you tender the shares (or sold the shares) you are not yet given the money from the sale. You will have to wait. In this particular case, its December 12, 2019 where I shall receive the money from the sale.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply, sir!

    Regarding sa MRP, naintindihan ko na. And for the FOXA deal, eToro pala. Thank you again! Keep blogging sir 🙂

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