2022 Portfolio Update


Well, its a late update. This post should have been made in January 2023. I have been MIA for a couple of months now and the reason were, or should I say, the excuses were that I have been busy with a lot of things. But mostly with personal matters. My kid is growing fast and I don’t want to miss every minute of it. I’m having fun being a father.

Without further ado, the summary of the portfolio.

My Portfolio8.52-7.81
Kid’s College Fund3.36-7.81
VIP Partnership-5.27-7.81
2022 performance

My Portfolio

My personal portfolio returned 8.52% in 2022 vs the PSEi -7.81%. This is mostly attributed to one special “dirty” stock that I have been holding since the beginning. When COVID hit and Ukraine-Russia war started, the demand for commodity made the company very profitable, while all other stocks were down.

Kid’s College Fund

It’s growing slowly but surely. My goal for this fund is to accumulate over 1million pesos for my kid’s college tuition. It’s now currently sitting at around 230k, which is almost around 23% complete and we are just in the 4th year. If I do get another child, I’ll just another million to the goal of the fund.

VIP Partnership

Still nothing to be proud of. The stocks inside this fund is still not moving, but just keep on collecting dividends. I see that this would change on the 4th or 5th year.

Other Investment

Food startup

The food startup is not doing well because it was hit by the pandemic. I will write them off in my balance sheet this year and consider it as a loss and a lesson learned. Though the company is not yet bankrupt, and is still operating, I’m not expecting much from that business and will just focus on other things.

Real Estate

I bought another property this year. It was very quick because I am knowledgeable in the area. The opportunity goes something like this:

  • Lot is selling for 23,000 /sqm
  • Owner is selling for 12,000/sqm because that’s how much she bought 5 years ago.
  • She just wants to get her money back
  • I bought it immediately

Ideally, investing is making money by waiting. And the second best thing is to make money the moment you buy. This is that situation. You made money going in.

Personal thoughts

I noticed that people are too defensive about me posting about my courses on my own site. As if I’m here to get your money. Let me tell you, you don’t have to buy them. It’s probably best for you to learn everything free or buy other books on the matter. You don’t have to buy from me. What I teach in my courses are just my way of helping, the way I understand investing. And you have all the freedom to not buy it. Because when I got started, there were no courses like these, I dig myself through books. Which of course you could do too.

Before the internet was a thing, knowledge and information in investing was like the dark arts. Its hard to find good information. I just made something that I wish were available when I was starting out – a summary and simplified version of investing that is effective and practical. That will stand the test of time. That’s all there is to it. And even if nobody buy the course, its ok. it will still be there, because that’s the same course that I want my children to watch when they are able to understand money.

If that’s not to your liking then that’s ok. If you think its already thrash without even having watched the course, then that’s ok too. If you think that I’m just scamming people, I know where you are coming from since I’ve seen a lot of gurus out there, then its all up to you.

Live and let live.

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