2021 Portfolio Update


This year is coming to a close. In this post, I will review how my investing had performed this year.

2021 has been a great year. My portfolio and the funds I manage has been doing quite well, except for that one fund that I just started a few months back.

Here are the following funds that I manage compared to the index.

FundsReturn (%)PSEI (%)
My Portfolio28.771.58
Kid’s College Fund39.371.58
VIP Partnership-0.381.58
2021 Performance of managed funds

The COVID pandemic scare with Delta variant and Omicron variant gave me some some opportunities to add to some of my stocks. The US portfolio has been a drag because most of my stocks there now are China companies, which we know that has not been on the good side of the news lately.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio is the total portfolio that I have on different stock brokerages with PH and International stocks.

Compounding is taking effect.

The image above is a line graph of my portfolio’s growth. The graph only started in 2017 because I have lost the data when my computer died on me in 2017, taking with it the data since 2008. With cloud services now, this won’t happen again.

My current CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) is at 19.40%. Meaning, I double my money every 3.7 years. I hope to increase my CAGR up to 26% so as to double my money every 3 years or less. But it’s been getting harder and harder as the portfolio grow bigger.

Aiming high is good but hard. 26% is something like a dream to achieve and only a few investors can achieve that. In fact, it’s very hard. It’s a herculean task. So as to lower my expectations and to lower any suffering from not achieving the goal, if I get a return that is better than inflation, I think that is already a win.

You can see the summary of my portfolio performance on this page.

Kid’s College Fund

I started this investment fund more than 2 years ago for future college fund for our kids. You can learn more about how it got started on this post: I Started an Investment Fund.

YearReturn (%)PSEI (%)
Kid’s College Fund vs PSEI

The goal for a college fund is to have 1 million pesos in 18 years. Right now, total value of our investment is at 73,428.52. With 50,000 initial investment.


To achieve this goal, I only need to get 7% return for 18 years and I will get 1million pesos at the end of it. Of course, I know that 1 million might not be enough for a college tuition by the time my kid needs it, so ramping up monthly contribution or finding good return on investment is easy enough to do to reach that goal. Its very easy if we have a long term horizon in investing.

If we end up having more kids, I shall update this accordingly.

It should be fun to turn a 50k initial investment into 1,000,000 again.

VIP Partnership

A fund started for friends and family. Most of the contributors of the fund are from the members of VIP Partnership.

It started just a few months ago so the performance haven’t yet moved. It will be exciting to see how the fund performs after 5 years.

Main website: https://vippartner.ph/

Private Equity

I bought into 2 private equity companies. I think I might have been too excited buying into these companies. I don’t regret them… yet… I just think it might have been too early. But it’s exciting to be at the early stage of a business and being a part of its growth. I get to learn a lot.

Without going much into the details of my investments, I invested in 2 private equity companies.

Food Startup

In 2021, I bought a 20% stake in a food startup founded by an ex-officemate that had turned into an entrepreneur. The meeting with him was accidental as I was looking for companies looking for investment. I didn’t know it was him until I reached out.

The investment had a guarantee that he would buy out my interest double its value after 2 years. I didn’t request for this assurance, but it’s a good gesture nonetheless and I trust him that’s why I invested.

When I invested into this company he only have 1 branch. As 2021 closes, we have 5 branches and 75 pending franchise applicants.

I will tell you more about this company soon if I feel like its ok to disclose it.

Tech Startup

This tech startup, I wasn’t proud investing. I got into it because the founder is a board member from the Food Startup. I realize that the guy is smart so I bet money on him. I got 5% of the company which is not great. I felt I bought an expensive company that has no revenue nor product yet.

But its a good way to get connected to business minded people. I would say this is a social investment more than a company / business investment. I hope not to make much investment like these in the future.

Real Estate

I bought another property a few months back in Bataan. But it’s not something that I expect to cashflow anytime soon. I just wanted to speculate on property values there since I got the property dirt cheap and as an inflation hedge.

It’s fun looking at properties in the middle of nowhere on top of a mountain overlooking the West Philippine Sea. Actually, I don’t know what I’m thinking when I bought this property. I just felt that its really cheap.

Personal Thoughts

A lot has happened this year personally for me that made me pause and take a break for a while. We have lost someone and I wasn’t able to make youtube videos about investing for the same reason. I couldn’t get myself to do anything and I just wanted to be alone for a while and take a break.

I buried myself with reading books and programming.

Hopefully, by next year, I would be back to my old self again and start writing more about investing and sharing what I know about investing on my youtube channel.


  1. Di po ba dapat hiwalay ang comparison ng philippine and international stocks.
    (e.g. US stocks vs US index, philppine stocks vs PSEI, etc.)?
    Although siguro mahirap na i-hiwalay pa.

  2. I would like to see the stocks on your portfolio. Even if it is in percentage. You can brag to us about how you beat the index but without reference to your stock picks and purchases I see them all as speculation.

    See great value investors and their letters to shareholders they tell us all about their purchases and mistakes.

    1. They are forced to disclose because of the law. Investors managing funds and public companies like Berkshire are required to disclose their holdings.

      I am a private person. I’m not obliged to do the same as they did. Buffett does not even allow his investors to know what stocks he was holding when he started the Buffett partnership. Given the chance, he won’t disclose it. But he has to follow the law.

      You should be grateful you are seeings stock reviews here. I wouldn’t even write those reviews if not for people asking me.

      1. I smiled when I see your performance table and underneath is a link to one of your courses.
        I love some of your post but great investors don’t need to sell courses.

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