I Started an Investment Fund

It was at the dinner table, we ate at the nearest Shakey’s Pizza restaurant to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 37th birthday. My father-in-law asked, “I heard you are starting an investment fund?”. Then I went on to explain that it would be for our future kids. He smiled that I was so advanced in thinking ahead since we don’t have kids yet. And he started asking about the stock market and whatnot.

So I Became a Fund Manager

Not professionally or as a business. But I started a fund for our family. The fund’s goal is to serve as a college fund for my future kids. Some of my in-laws have contributed to this fund and would like to join in the action.

Convinced that I may know what I am doing, he asked if he could join. And I politely said yes. So here I am, a fund manager, managing my own and other people’s money.

The Reason for Starting a Fund

It was suppose to be a college fund. Since it would be 18 years into the future, it may be a good idea to start early, so when I am older and my kids ready for college, we already know where to get the money.

I will be posting the growth of this fund on this blog. It could be a great learning experience.

Ready to Invest

I already created a separate brokerage account for this fund and I have bought a couple of stocks yesterday on the decline. I would be posting the performance of the fund every portfolio update. So stay tuned.


  1. So glad you’re starting a fund! It’ll be one hell of a learning experience for sure. And right now is not a bad time to start it.

    Do you have a name for the fund yet?

    1. Thanks Ryle. Its going to be one good learning experience for sure. Borrowing from Buffett. It will simply be called our surname + Partnership. Kinda like Buffett’s Partnership.

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