Don’t Try to One-Up Each Other

I think its normal for a competitive field to try to one-up your opponents. The same thing goes in the stock market. Most people would try to outdo the other school of thought or try to discredit them as being a far inferior mode of thinking. Then elevating their own.

I’ve been seeing a lot of traders trying to diss investors. And I also see some investors try to diss traders. But the thing is, it usually doesn’t matter what kind of school of thought you subscribe to. What is important is your inner scorecard.

If you want to be the best trader or investor, you don’t become one by trying to throw shit at other participants. You become a better trader or investor by actually trying to become a better trader or investor. That is, by coming up with your own strategy and try to make money out of that strategy. Regardless if people knew about your performance or not.

I happen to subscribe to the idea of investing. Not because I think it is the better mode of thinking. Though I am bias, I know. That it is the better mode of thinking. 🙂 I still think there are good ideas out there that are not investing related that you could use… The one that makes sense to you.

Investing makes sense to me. And to some of you, it may not. Trading may make sense to you. And to me, it does not. But would that make you a better person than me just by subscribing to a different ideology? I don’t think so.

In the end, what matters is, if it makes you money or not, in a manner that makes sense to you, that you could follow through thick and thin. An idea that can describe your inner thinking and executes into the real world. Whether people knew about your success or not, just doesn’t really matter.

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