Portfolio Update – December 2018 YEAR END Report

The year 2018 has been good to me. There are a lot of things to be grateful about. First, I didn’t go into the red. Second, I’m going to get married to the love of my life. And third, I bought my first property investment as my first foray into real estate. Let’s talk about the portfolio right now.

The PH Stock Portfolio

SymbolCompany NameAverage PriceMkt PriceProfit / Loss %
SCCSemirara Mining29.509223.05-21.89%
CLICebu Landmasters4.85884.14-14.79%
FBSan Miguel Foods & Beverages62.189982.0031.85%

My Portfolio finishes at +7.85% vs the PSEI -12.76%. The MRP investment has ended and I am sitting on a considerable cash right now, waiting for the next opportunity.

Overview of Performance to Date

I have started tracking my performance just last year. Here is the standing right now. I wish I could have tracked my performance when I started investing, but I was too young and naive back then, I didn’t even bother. It might have been a good learning tool to know if I’m improving or not. But its better late than never.

My Portfolio vs PSE Index

YearMy PortfolioPSEI

The US Stock Portfolio

I am only stating this one stock on the portfolio which is FOXA. Because that’s the only stock I bought after I created this blog. But I do have stocks that I own since 2008 that I don’t want to disclose.

SymbolCompany nameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
FOXATwenty-First Century Fox$45$48.016.69%

To invest in US stocks, I use this service.

Real Estate Portfolio

Its hard to get the market price of real estate every month. Nor should I bother to. So I guess, the best way to track real estate performance is to track its cashflow.

Type of PropertyBoughtMkt ValueMortgageCashflow
2Br/1TB HouseNov 2018P250,000P2,000 /mo

My Thoughts for the PH 2019

There are a lot of rumors and news coming out that 2019 is when the market will crash. I don’t know if that will happen, nor do I care. What we can do as investors is to be prepared when the crash happen, and also when it doesn’t happen. Which means, having some spare cash, but also be invested in the market.

My Goal for 2019

My goal for 2019 performance wise was to get 26% or more per year. With my stock portfolio currently, I don’t think I could reach that goal any time soon. There are some big names in there that is not really a 20%+ per year performer. I know there are weaknesses in my portfolio, and I am always looking for opportunities that I can understand.

I always ask myself, what would Buffett do? What would Munger do? And almost always, I arrive at the conclusion that they would probably do nothing in this kind of environment. They would probably just wait until some big opportunity fall unto their laps. I am ok with 7.85% this year, its not something to be excited about. But I am hoping to do better next year.


  1. Also looking forward to 2019 (and your future blog posts) sir! 🙂

    I just started this year and I’m also done reading The Intelligent Investor 😀

  2. Hi Sir,

    I enjoyed reading your blogs, I’am currently studying value investing, is there a way for us to communicate ?


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