Portfolio Update Jan to Dec 2020

This post has been a long time coming. And you guys already know that I won’t be making an update on my portfolio every month, because I think that is pointless. I opt to update you with my portfolio annually. Also, I won’t be showing you my portfolio from now on, because I am offering a subscription service to access my portfolio. So it would be unfair for the people who subscribe. If you’re interested in the subscription service and wants to see my portfolio to compare yourself just visit Wayne’s Portfolio its only P550 / month you can cancel anytime.

PH Portfolio vs PSEI

2020 has been fun. Another crash on my belt (2 now) and more experience as an investor. This time, I was prepared than the last crash, and a lot more calm. I even managed a small group of investors and managed to calm them down through all those bloody days.

I did manage to snatch up some great stocks and added to some in my PH and US portfolio. Its been a great learning experience and I can see myself improving. Psychological and emotional quotient has leveled up. Crash is indeed a great teacher. But I won’t be exalting myself so much because I also felt fear when the stock market crashed. Its just that, rationality prevailed more than emotion. Thanks to all the people I admire who helped me remember. Thinking that “What would Buffett & Munger do?”. Remember that a crash is a transfer of wealth, from the impatient to the patient. From the traders who cutloss (impatient), to the investors who catches falling knives (willing to wait out the red portfolio aka patient). Tell me which is the better action to take during those times? To cutloss or to buy more? I’m sure you already know the answer only after the fact.

Also as a side note, it helps to have a cashflow investment like bonds, dividend stocks and seedin (read my seedin review), so you have steady income through the crash which could translate to more buying power to take advantage of more opportunities.

I am not here to bash the traders. I’m sure they are making money now that the market is rising. Now is the time for us investors to be careful.

My PH stock portfolio is up 22.98% vs PSEI of -7.79%. Attributed to the increase in the stock price of ACEN, MWC and SCC.

Summary over the years

When I started this journey, my goal was to beat the index in 5 years. One more year, and we could say that my journey to beat the index will be coming to its conclusion. It has been fun and I plan to do this for another 5 years. Where will it take us? No one knows.

Investing in US Stock

My US stock portfolio is up 18%. Nothing to brag about since the US market is in a bubble right now (I think). What? You’re still not investing in the United States? Read my etoro review and get started investing.

Investing in Real Estate

I sold my first 2 property, then bought a farm. I also bought a residential property which I talked about in my previous post about Buying an Ayala Property.

The Future Ahead: What to Expect this 2021

This video sums up what I think will happen in 2021. There is just so much money going around right now and its inflating the prices of assets. Savers will be losers in this kind of economy. We should all be comfortable in using a little leverage (but not too much) if we want to take advantage of this climate.

Investing in Private Equity

With all that is happening around the world, money printing, low interest rates, more free money, inflation and more taxes, I think the future would be either inflationary or deflation. We do not know for sure. But Whatever happens, an investor must be prepared.

I am currently not very optimistic of the stock market and real estate market right now. So I am moving to a new field that I have never ventured before, private equity. I have been in talks with some people to invest in some private companies. I will let you know of what I learned and hopefully share my experiences.

I wonder how’s your 2020 been like? What did you learn? What would you do differently now?


  1. Hi Sir Wayne,

    2020 was challenging, but made me saw opportunities that I would had never taken if not for the pandemic. This is when I started investing in the stock market. Although it took some time for to me to pick the right companies (removing my old biases and limiting beliefs), I gained confidence and tempered my emotions as a result. And with that, I thank you for your videos on Youtube. Hoping this would make us all better.

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