Portfolio Update – January 2020

Stocks are going down. What are you to do?

PH Stocks

StocksCost BasisMarket PriceP/L %

Year to date, My Portfolio is at -4.25% vs PSEI -7.86%. Macro news has been affecting the stock market. For one, the nCov scare. And two, President Duterte’s active pursuit of oligarchs. Three, the state of the US economy might be heating up.

I am not bothered by all this stocks going down. They have great dividends and will help me take advantage of more falling prices. I also have some cash lying around because I sold some shares of FB and the proceeds of ACEPH. I would be ready to take advantage of more falling prices buying great businesses.

I added more shares to MWC when it reached 7 – 8.

US Stocks

SymbolAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %

How to invest in the US Stock Market (I use this service)

Huge deficit, cash infusions, Iran, we may see the stock prices come down more.

Real Estate

I figured to remove stating the real estate properties here. But I will give you news once in a while. In fact, here’s one now.

We recently purchased 5 hectares of land. I say “we”, because we are a group of people. Our family got 2 hectares out of the 5. The reason? Its because it was so cheap and the landowner was tired of managing it. So cheap in fact that the processing of the paper is much more expensive than the price of the land itself.

Its already a farm. With coconut trees, peanuts, other crops and fish already there. We just need to take over and look after the labor. By the crops alone, we could get our money back in just one cycle.


  1. Duterte is not really pursuing Oligarchs. Ahaha. He wanted his cronies to share a piece of their pie. Enter Rrrrazon et al!!!! Hahahah.

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