Portfolio Update – July 2018

Here is Value Investing Philippines portfolio for this month.

Symbol My Ave Price Mkt Price Profit / Loss %
SCC 29.5092 31.70 7.42%
MER 282.1185 379.60 34.55%
CLI 4.8588 4.67 -3.89%
FB 62.1899 69.30 11.43%


Current year to date performance of My Portfolio +16.50% vs PSEI -10.36%. We are still ahead of the PSEI year to date. Next month, August, is a ghost month. Where most Chinese businessmen will not be making significant moves in the market. I don’t know if that would be a good or bad environment. I always take these superstitions with a grain of salt.

A new member of our portfolio is FB (San Miguel Food and Beverage). By selling some MER shares, we are able to make a position in this company. I will still be on the lookout for opportunities this coming August. I’m not afraid to sell some more MER shares if the new opportunities would prove to be better.

In the meanwhile, I will read some more books.

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