Portfolio Update – June 2019

Its portfolio update once again and this June is very special. Its my very first portfolio update as a married man.

PH Stock Portfolio

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
SCCSemirara Mining29.509223.15-21.02%
CLICebu Landmasters4.76884.831.28%
FBSan Miguel Food & Bev62.189910670.36%
PHENPhinma Energy1.47432.5572.96%

Year to date performance, My Portfolio is up +9.57% vs the PSEI which is 7.15%. I honestly don’t think that my lead over the PSEi will continue. I am not confident in this market as of this moment.

There is nothing much to talk about the holdings as its pretty much unchanged except for PHEN who has been performing quite well. The PHEN investment has been paying us big time, 72.96% in just a couple of months.

US Stock Portfolio

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
FOXA21 Century Fox37.0135.99-2.76%

How to invest in the US Stock Market (I use this service)

Totally unchanged portfolio. US-China Trade War is still in the news and affecting the market.

Real Estate Portfolio

Type of PropertyBoughtPrice PaidMortgageCashflow
1. 2Br/1TB HouseNov 2018P250,000P2,000 /mo
2. 3Br/1TB HouseJan 2019P290,000P3,500 / mo
Total   P5,500 / mo

The time to get paid on this investment is coming near. I was notified by the buyer that she soon will have the money to pay for the properties. Pay day is coming soon.

So how about you? How is your portfolio performing so far?


  1. Nice play on Phinma. And I think you’re pretty right with regards to the market right now. So far though, when do you think was the toughest market you’ve been in?

    1. The toughest I think, was while the market is going that during the 2008 – 09 recession. Its more difficult to stay calm in those days. Its a battle against yourself. Today is not that bad. Its just harder to find opportunities. But there are still bargains to be found every now and then.

  2. TEL looks terribly undervalued despite increasing its dividends and its earnings recovering. Must be because of the 3rd telco hype which i honestly think is a white elephant.

  3. Hi,

    I am a beginner in stocks and I am happy to find a blog featuring value investing. 🙂 My question is, with the rate of SCC right now, do you still believe in the company like how you feel last year? I am looking to buy SCC especially since it is a bargain now, but I would like to get your thoughts if it is still wise, or it might continue to go down. Thanks so much! Keep on blogging! 🙂

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