Portfolio Update – October 2018

Results are in. Stock portfolio, real estate investment and MRP tender offer.

SymbolCompany NameAverage PriceMkt PriceProfit / Loss %
SCCSemirara Mining29.509227.95-5.28%
CLICebu Landmasters4.85884.30-11.50%
MRPMelco Resorts7.12007.251.83%
FBSan Miguel Foods and Beverages62.189985.0036.68%

Year to Date Performance

My Portfolio+11.41%

I have tendered my shares on Melco. Its hard for me to trust the management now.

Best performer is still FB. Its a long term holding for me. Well, everything is a long term holding for me. The reason that I’m not selling those shares is that, I couldn’t find any other better stocks that I can completely understand.

I did sold some MER shares to buy MRP, hoping that the price of the tender would increase. But since it did not increase, I will have some cash reserves when the money for the tender has been settled. MRP still made me money, even for a little bit.

The Disney-Fox Deal

Still waiting for the deal to move forward. I’m just waiting for now.

Other Investments: My First Real Estate Rental Property

Value investing is not just in stocks, this month, I have bought a real estate property. With 9.6% rental yield. The tenant comes with it. I just bought it because the owner needs money and forced to sell. I like situations like those when other people are forced to sell. The investment is P250,000 for a property that rents out P2,000. πŸ™‚ Its not much, but its still 9.6% yield. πŸ™‚

My first Real Estate Property. Its ugly, but its cheap. Just like investing.Β 

Do you see that road? That’s a highway. Yes. That house should not be there. It should be a commercial property. Its in a place where development is starting to pick up. Its a long term hold too.

I hope to increase my investment with real estate in the future, provided that I can find bargain deals like those.


  1. Hi, sir.

    Im considering buying MER for my Christmas bonus. You think it’s a good idea if I buy it at its current price? Or do I have to wait? Still trying to learn valuation and fundamentals po, and I’m worried na maybe magmahal na ang MER sa December.

    Keep on posting pala, sir. Follower and reader here. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi September. Thank you for reading and following my posts. I didn’t know people are actually visiting my site. Its a bit expensive for me at this moment. I will have money from the MRP settlement, that money was supposed to be invested in MER. But I can’t buy now because I’m not too confident of the price of MER currently. So I may be holding cash. Or find other stocks perhaps? Cash is good too.

  2. Hi, sir! I found your blog through phinvest. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the insight. Yes, I’ll probably look at other stocks for now. I’ve been eyeing FGEN the past week.

    PS. Congrats! Just read your latest blog post the other day I think. I only had the time to comment back now. πŸ˜€

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