The Time to Invest

The world has been in turmoil lately. I have been receiving a lot of emails, pms and questions about what to do in this time of crash. And honestly, I can not answer those questions right now because I have been busy. I am not able to make any post for the past month nor would I even bother what my portfolio is right now, for the same reason that I am busy.

Why should you invest?

“The best time to buy is when there’s blood on the streets.”

People are literally dying. Its a good time to invest. Though I know that some people doesn’t like the idea of profiting from bad times. But what can you do? You are just making the best of what the world is giving you. Since you are an investor, you should take it as best you can.

“Be greedy when others are fearful. Be fearful when others are greedy.”

There’s fear everywhere. Its time to invest heavily. Those who have prepared themselves are favored by the Goddess of Luck and Fortune. And fortune rewards the bold. So be bold and invest. Of course, you should have the knowledge which investments to go “greedy” on. Don’t just shoot at everything. It makes a whole lot of difference on where to invest than just investing on everything you see that goes down.

What have I been doing?

Real Estate

I have been looking offline for investments. Before the crash, the banks have been adamant to lend me money. They would not let me leave the bank without giving me money to invest. Offering me all kinds of loans. So I went ahead and looked for real estate. I have bought a few properties that would soon provide me with decent income and that would come online as soon as this corona virus problem has passed. I also bought a property that is not income producing, thinking we might live there. But this is a lapse in judgement, I shouldn’t have done that. But anyway…

Which gives me another advantage for the coming recession – income.

I could have looked for more properties but the lock down is a problem now.


On the stocks side of the matter, I know that my portfolio is in the red. Everybody knows, I publish my portfolio. But would I sell my stocks? No. While people can lose their marbles seeing -50% on their portfolio, I don’t mind. And investor shouldn’t mind. As long as you are not forced to sell and you picked the right stocks, you’ll be alright. I will find the cash to load up on some of those stocks right now. This is the time to invest aggressively, not to wait until things settle down.

With the banks willing to give me loans and the stock market at a bargain, you can imagine how busy I would be if I have two investment vehicles monitoring simultaneously. I still do analysis on stocks, especially now that they are down. I’m scrambling to re-evaluate them, updating my watchlist. On top of that, I need to raise some cash so I have more money to invest. Which is hard since I can’t get out. There’s not a lot of people willing to invest in these times.

So pardon my lack of activity in this blog. I hope you understand now where I am coming from. I would like to share what I know about investing in these times, but my time would be better off spending elsewhere than writing a blog post, at least for now. When things settle down, we could get back to regular posting.

In the meantime,

If you want, you can join our discord channel and ask fellow investors:

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