Investment Partnership and Private Equity

My First Board Meeting as a Director of a company

It has been a lot of learning lately. I got to invest in a private business and they made me a director. I attended my very first board meeting and I got to meet a lot of young and intelligent businessmen and women that I would never even meet if I continue becoming an investor always locked inside my library. Though I don’t know exactly how one should act in a board meeting, it has been a very good experience in general. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and even if the business failed, I have gained a lot of contacts and network that I could leverage in the future and hopefully invest in more businesses.

That is actually what happened. Since I got into the board of directors, I got into contact with these serial entrepreneurs that are starting businesses left and right. And they always need someone to invest in their business. Knowing that I’m an investor, they invited me to invest in their businesses. Actually, I’m looking at 2 more businesses that I could invest in, again in private equity from the other fellow directors, diversifying my money into this new field that I have little knowledge about.

It’s fun and I hope to learn a lot more. The valuation of private equity companies should be the same as publicly listed companies, but there are times where those things won’t work because you are somewhat gambling, pre-revenue stage and you don’t know if the business will be a success. The first private equity I did, is already earning money, so its easy to analyze just like a publicly listed business. But these 2 that I am trying to analyze doesn’t. So it’s different. I hope to learn more about it. Is there a book I can read and learn about investing in private equity?

Investment Partnership

If you remember, I started a fund that is suppose to be the college fund for my kids. And in that fund, some family members and in-laws joined in and let me manage their money. And it has been 3 years now and the fund is performing well. Because of this, a couple of my close friends had this idea of me, handling their money. And I started another fund with friends and the good people of investing philippines.

I am managing 3 funds now. One for our family, my in-laws and friends and family. I pray that good luck reign over our new fund and give us great opportunities.

Real Estate

I am almost done with my study of real estate in the Philippines and hopefully to finish this year and take the board exam for broker and appraiser by next year. This should open more investment opportunities for me and should save me money when I do real estate transactions. I started studying real estate since December of last year since its a requirement before you can take the board exams.

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