Portfolio Update – December 2019 Year End Report

There are a lot of things to be grateful about this year. First off, I got married. A lot of things to learn in this new chapter of my life. So many surprises and definitely different from being single.

Second, the college fund is doing fine. Though being created just a few months earlier, it started to grow around 3% this year. Its not much, definitely there are room for improvement.

What you really want to know is how our core portfolio performed this year.

PH Stock Portfolio (+10.13%)

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
SCCSemirara Mining29.509222-24.94%
CLICebu Landmasters4.76884.831.28%
FBSan Miguel Food & Bev62.18998536.69%
MWCManila Water6.527010.3658.73%

My Portfolio YTD performance is 10.13% vs the PSEI 4.68%. We managed to outperformed the index due to two main investments. 1) PHEN turned ACEPH where we managed to secure a profit of around 50% and 2) MWC which is one of the most talked about stock because of the water issue.

ACEPH for 50% profit

It was not my plan to sell ACEPH because of its long term outlook. But situation has unfolded that I need to take advantage of MWC’s price decline. I sold ACEPH for 50% profit and also sold some shares of FB. All those proceeds are invested into MWC. So there was a spontaneous rebalancing of stocks. I made an analysis of MWC on this page.

Truth be told, I’m not yet done buying shares on MWC when the stock went up so much. Part of it I was busy with life (offline) that I wasn’t able to login to my brokerage account. So I still have a load of cash waiting for another opportunity.

Even if we did hit a good one on MWC, the decline of FB and MER from its high just ended us with 10.13% for the overall portfolio. Of course, this is not a bad thing. Things would ultimately show its value sooner or later. And I do believe that these stocks still have some value in them that is not accounted for.

All we have to do is focus on the long term and not be distracted by a one year performance.

If you want to learn fundamental analysis, try this course: Fundamental Analysis
Its worth every penny. Or if you want to learn the hard way (books), visit my recommended list of value investing books.

US Stock Portfolio (+28.3%)

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
FOXA21 Century Fox37.0137.571.51%

How to invest in the US Stock Market (I use this service)

My US Stock portfolio performed 28.3% this year. Buoyed by my investment in Disney and Frontdoor. I’m still worried about the US economy. Will 2020 be the year we may see a crash? I don’t know. What do you think?

Real Estate Portfolio

Type of PropertyBoughtPrice PaidMortgageCashflow
1. 2Br/1TB HouseNov 2018P250,000P2,000 /mo
2. 3Br/1TB HouseJan 2019P290,000P3,500 / mo
Total   P5,500 / mo

No change with the real estate portfolio. I’m still on the fence if I should get a broker license.

My Goals for 2020

Read more books. I am behind a lot of books currently. The married life has taken over much of my time and reading hours has been replaced by adulting. My goal is to finish all of the books stacked on my desk and to read more annual reports.

Write a book about value investing in the Philippines?

I also want to write a book about value investing in the Philippines. Value investing originated in the US because of Graham. But there are some quirks in doing value investing that is unique to the Philippines and I want to preserved that which I learned through experience by writing a book. Would that interest anyone I wonder? What do you think?

Well, that’s it for now and let’s welcome the new year with optimism and healthy dose of pessimism. May your portfolio be forever green. Good luck to all of us investors.

So hows your portfolio this year? What did you learn so far this year? Leave your comments below.

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