Portfolio Update – March 2019

There’s a lot of things that happened this month. Especially with our stock holdings.

PH Stock Portfolio

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
SCCSemirara Mining29.509221.95-25.62%
CLICebu Landmasters4.85884.30-11.50%
FBSan Miguel Food62.1899104.2067.55%

My Portfolio performance is at 0.40% year to date while the PSEI performance is 5.50%. My stock portfolio is under performing this year. And it may continue to under perform. But I am not worried because we are not taking big risks with these stocks. Especially that most of them were bought at a very cheap price.

It feels like the bluechip stocks are one of the riskiest stocks at this moment. But that is just my opinion.

US Stock Portfolio

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
FOXA21 Century Fox37.0136.40-1.65%

In my stock portfolio there are 2 new stocks added. The first one is REZI which I talked about in the post “Resideo Catching the Falling Knife” . The other one is Disney (DIS) because the DISNEY-FOX merger has been completed and we received the shares of the acquiring company. The price of FOXA has been adjusted reflecting the merger.

FTDR is our top performer. It went down a couple of points because of a planned rights offering which is below its current market price. The public seems to think that the rights offering price is the fair value of a company. In this case, the rights offering price is at $30.

To invest in US Stocks, I use this service.

Real Estate Portfolio

Type of PropertyBoughtPrice PaidMortgageCashflow
1. 2Br/1TB HouseNov 2018P250,000P2,000 /mo
2. 3Br/1TB HouseJan 2019P290,000P3,500 / mo
Total   P5,500 / mo

There’s no change in our real estate portfolio. Those rents just keep on chugging along. I also can’t find much bargains now in real estate. Perhaps its time to just sit and wait.

How about you? How’s your portfolio?


  1. Hey man, this month I’ve had to worry more about my research paper than my stocks, which have done pretty well. In case this doesn’t keep up for the rest of the year (or if I find an opportunity to buy into something), I’m holding cash.

    Love the posts you do about your trades, like the ones on REZI or FTDR. They’re a great way to learn and I hope you do more in the future when something interesting comes up!

    1. Good luck on your holdings. I hope it improves until the end of the year.
      I will post about my trades when they come up. I’m also interested how I perform in the long run. So documenting it is fun for me.

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