Portfolio Update – May 2019

Its another month down and we’re up to the update.

PH Stock Portfolio

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
SCCSemirara Mining29.309822-24.94%
CLICebu Landmasters4.76884.984.43%
FBSan Miguel Food & Bev62.1899107.4072.61%
PHENPhinma Energy1.472.3458.72%

My Portfolio year to date is 9.15% vs the PSEI which is 6.75%. I’m still up ahead of the PSEI, which I don’t have much expectation to maintain the lead on.

The new addition PHEN has been doing good so far. With rumors of it being a backdoor listing to Ayala’s AC Energy helps propel its stock upwards. Not complaining though.

I have added new positions to these same stocks so the ave price are a little different from the previous.

US Stock Portfolio

SymbolCompany NameAve PriceMkt PriceP / L %
FOXA21 Century Fox37.0135.22-4.84%

US has been hammered lately because of the US-China trade war. So I do expect that things might not go easy from here on out. But I’m still looking for good companies to invest in, since many stocks have fallen because of it.

Real Estate Portfolio

Type of PropertyBoughtPrice PaidMortgageCashflow
1. 2Br/1TB HouseNov 2018P250,000P2,000 /mo
2. 3Br/1TB HouseJan 2019P290,000P3,500 / mo
Total   P5,500 / mo

No update with the real estate portfolio.

Thoughts so far

With regards to this portfolio update and the blog in general, I have been receiving some heat because the information found on this website might not be consistent and accurate. As far as I know, it is accurate, I publish an investment before you even see it added in the portfolio, even if you see some inconsistencies in it. What people need to remember is that first and foremost, this site was created as my journal first and then as a public service second. So whatever information found here is there to remind me and not you, whoever is reading this website. That’s the reason for the portfolio updates and that’s the reason for the ramblings.

I will not try to update the information to have your approval. Nor will I try to maintain it. Information are offered “as is”. If I feel like making an update I will.

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