Sold Some MER Shares

The bear market has been a blessing in disguise. I have been buying some stocks (which I have not yet disclosed) at what I think were bargain prices. I will give an analysis on these stocks once I am finished buying so that I won’t be rocking the boat too soon.

And because of that, I am running out of cash for investment. So I thought that the weakest link in my portfolio would be MER. Funny I know. MER is the largest market cap in the portfolio and should not be the weakest. But what I consider the weakest is that it “might” go down because it has been going up lately. Being the defensive stock that it has been. It has gain popularity for foreign investors and defensive investors. So I thought that was the most logical choice. I am not selling all of my MER shares. Just a portion of it as I continue to accumulate more shares of a company I’ve been eyeing. I will disclose this soon enough.

We are fortunate enough to have some cash reserves in this bear market and have a stock that went up even if its a bear market like MER. This cash would be invested to a more promising companies.


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