Portfolio Update – June 2018

An ongoing update of portfolio’s performance. This is the performance of my holdings as of this June 2018.

Symbol Average Price Mkt Price Profit / Loss %
SCC 29.5092 30.30 2.68%
MER 282.1185 355.60 26.05%
CLI 4.8588 4.58 -5.74%

The average price of some stocks has gone down, mainly because I added some shares. Meralco has been performing well, because investors are scared of the bear market and have been putting their money into the safest of stocks like Meralco. I am currently getting nervous that it has been going up. I don’t like it when the stocks I hold goes up. I like it when they are red.

My year to date performance so far is +13.11% vs the performance of the Index which is -15.95% year-to-date. This is in no way an indication of overall performance, as we need a good enough years to know if I’m doing something good or not. We could experience a fall in the coming months, so I am not very hopeful that it will stay this way until the end of the year. This is just a way for me to track my progress and what’s my status compared to the benchmark.

So far, I think we are still doing good. Happy safe investing everyone.

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